Xavi: 'We will fight for the title as long as it is theoretically possible'

Xavi knows it will be difficult, but he will give everything for Barcelona in the fight for the Spanish league title. At the same time, he remains realistic.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 04:09, 23 Feb 2024

Xavi's commitment to Barcelona's title chase remains unwavering as he addressed the media, emphasizing the team's determination to compete for the league title until it is no longer mathematically possible.

He pointed out the importance of not dropping points, especially at home, and highlighted the opportunity to apply pressure on league leaders Girona and traditional powerhouses Real Madrid by securing a win that would elevate Barcelona to second place in the standings.

The context of Barcelona's challenging schedule was also a topic of discussion, particularly the quick turnaround following a demanding Champions League encounter with Napoli just last Wednesday. With less than three days of rest before their next game against Getafe, Xavi acknowledged the less-than-ideal preparation time but refused to use it as an excuse. He stressed the necessity of converting their ambitions into results, underlining the importance of each match in their quest for the championship and Champions League qualification.

Xavi also shared his views on Barcelona's upcoming opponent, Getafe, a team often described by critics as 'annoying' due to their playing style. Choosing to steer clear of further comments on refereeing a subject he has decided to avoid he praised Getafe's coach, José Bordalás, for his effective management. Xavi described Getafe as a team that exerts high pressure on their opponents, recognizing the challenge they pose. Contrary to some opinions, he doesn't see Getafe as merely defensive but rather as a courageous team that will undoubtedly make it difficult for Barcelona.

In his remarks, Xavi not only outlined the tactical considerations for the upcoming match but also conveyed a message of resilience and focus, reinforcing the idea that despite the obstacles, Barcelona remains a contender for the highest honors in Spanish football.

Updated: 04:09, 23 Feb 2024