Xavi Simons acknowledges that it needs to be better in the Dutch national team

Xavi Simons hopes to soon showcase the qualities he displays weekly in the Bundesliga while wearing the Dutch national team jersey. The RB Leipzig player acknowledges that his performance for Oranje has not yet fully materialized, but he is confident that improvement will come.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 09:03, 2 Jun 2024

"It is not easy to express how I feel about writing this message," the forward began his post on social media.

"Because I feel that things could have been very different. But maybe it is better to save that conversation for another time."

What exactly Memphis is referring to remains unclear. However, he then bids farewell to the club. "To Atlético, my teammates, the staff, and especially the fans: I want to thank you for the energy and support I have experienced during my time as an Atlético player. I carry the good memories in my heart."

Memphis' departure from Atlético Madrid comes after a season filled with ups and downs. Despite showing flashes of brilliance on the pitch, his time at the club was also marked by injuries and inconsistent performances. His cryptic message hints at unfulfilled potential and possibly unresolved issues behind the scenes, leaving fans speculating about what could have been.

During his tenure, Memphis contributed to several key victories and memorable moments for Atlético. His flair and creativity added a unique dimension to the team's attack, and his efforts were appreciated by the supporters. In his farewell message, he emphasized the importance of the bond he shared with the fans, acknowledging their unwavering support throughout his stay.

As Memphis moves on from Atlético, he leaves behind a legacy of both promise and mystery. His future endeavors will be closely watched by fans and pundits alike, eager to see where his career takes him next. The forward's departure marks the end of a chapter for both him and the club, with both parties likely reflecting on their time together and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Updated: 09:03, 2 Jun 2024