Thon: 'His speed is a weapon that we really need'

There is much debate in Germany about whether or not Leroy Sané will play in the quarter-final between Germany and Spain. The Bayern Munich forward discussed his own qualities three days before the European Championship clash, and German legend Olaf Thon also weighed in on the matter.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 04:38, 2 Jul 2024

The two agreed: Sané possesses the speed that can trouble the Spaniards. "What I bring: runs behind the opponent's defense. This creates space and puts the opponent in motion. The opponent knows they can't just push forward; they also have to watch for balls behind their last line. Jamal Musiala, Ilkay Gündogan, and Florian Wirtz can deliver those passes," said Sané at the press conference.

The winger shared his view that Germany and Spain have been the most entertaining teams to watch in the European Championship so far. He even entertained the idea that the clash in Stuttgart could be a preview of the final, but he remained cautious. "Yes, you could somewhat call it that, but there are still other good teams in the tournament. So we shouldn't make it too big," Sané added.

Thon, a World Cup champion in 1990, wrote in his column for that Sané's speed could be crucial against Spain. "If we can start with him, he would be a weapon. Spain defends far from their own goal, so there is a lot of space for counters. It's important that Sané is in top form; in the group stage, we missed the absolute top speed on the flanks," the analyst noted.

Sané's inclusion in the starting lineup represents a significant strategic shift for Germany. His pace and ability to stretch defenses could provide the tactical edge needed to exploit Spain's high defensive line. Thon's endorsement underscores the potential impact Sané could have, particularly in creating opportunities for his teammates and unsettling the Spanish defense.

Head coach Julian Nagelsmann placed Sané on the bench for all three group matches, a decision that raised eyebrows among fans and pundits. However, in the round of 16 against Denmark, the speedster got his first start of the tournament, resulting in Florian Wirtz being left out of the starting lineup. Sané's performance in that match, characterized by his relentless runs and pressing, showcased why he is considered a vital asset in high-stakes games.

Sané's form and fitness have been under scrutiny, but his recent performances suggest he is reaching his peak at a crucial time. His ability to make decisive runs and provide assists could be the difference-maker in tight matches. The German team, known for its disciplined and methodical approach, might benefit from Sané's flair and unpredictability.

As Germany prepares for the quarter-final clash against Spain, the debate around Sané's role highlights the broader tactical considerations for Nagelsmann. Balancing defensive solidity with attacking dynamism will be key, and Sané's speed offers a unique solution to bridge these aspects. The anticipation surrounding the match is palpable, with fans eager to see if Sané can deliver on his promise and lead Germany to a memorable victory.

In conclusion, Sané's speed and strategic deployment will be critical as Germany faces one of its toughest tests in the tournament. With endorsements from legends like Thon and the evident trust of his coach, Sané has the stage set to make a significant impact. Whether he can seize this opportunity will be closely watched by football enthusiasts worldwide.

Updated: 04:38, 2 Jul 2024