Stade Reims announces the surprising departure of sensation coach Will Still

Will Still is leaving Stade Reims with immediate effect. The 31-year-old coach's contract was set to run until mid-2025, but the club and the coach mutually decided not to continue together next season. For this reason, Still and his assistant, his brother Nicolas, are stepping down from their roles immediately.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 01:55, 2 May 2024

After two seasons, the collaboration between Reims and Will Still, which began when he served as an assistant coach for several months in 2021, has come to a close.

In the summer of 2022, he returned to the club as the right-hand man to Óscar García. After García was dismissed in October that year, Still stepped in as interim coach. His remarkable performance in this role led the club to appoint him as the head coach, a position he managed to retain due to his impressive results.

Despite lacking the required coaching diplomas, the club found Still’s leadership too valuable to pass up, deciding to pay a fine of 25,000 euros for each match he coached. This investment paid off as under Still's guidance, Reims not only maintained consistent performance but also finished eleventh in Ligue 1 for two consecutive seasons. Notably, Still became the youngest coach in the top five European leagues, gaining recognition for his tactical acumen, especially in high-profile matches against teams like Paris Saint-Germain.

Reflecting on his tenure, Still expressed gratitude for the experiences and opportunities he had at Reims. "I want to thank everyone at this club for the opportunity I was given and the support I received during my time here," Still remarked on the club’s website. He highlighted the unbeaten streak of nineteen games last season and the thrilling home matches as highlights of his time with the club, affirming his ongoing support for Reims despite his departure.

Looking ahead, Reims faces the challenge of concluding this season without Still, with matches lined up against Brest, Olympique Marseille, and Stade Rennes. His departure opens a new chapter both for him and the club, with Reims needing to find a successor who can build on his legacy.

Meanwhile, Still has expressed a desire to pursue coaching opportunities in England, leveraging his dual Belgian and British citizenship. Earlier this year, rumors linked him to Sunderland, a team in the English Championship. This move would not only bring him to a new league but also offer him the chance to further his coaching career in a country known for its rich football culture and competitive leagues.

Updated: 01:55, 2 May 2024