Spalletti previews match against Spain and praises Morata

Italy's coach hopes for a repeat of the title holder's performance against Albania in the first match of Group B of Euro 2024, in which they won 2-1.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 03:18, 19 Jun 2024

Luciano Spalletti, Italy's coach, previewed on Wednesday the headline match of Group B of Euro 2024 against Spain (Thursday at 8:00 PM), emphasizing that he wants a repeat of the title holder's performance in the inaugural victory over Albania (2-1), despite facing “one of the best football schools in the world.”

“Spain knows how to play offensive football with quality, they know how to create a compact team. They play very well as a team, so we cannot rest and we must have a fierce desire to show that we are also an important football school,” he began in a press conference.

"Spain has become Spain, and their football school is known for always playing the same way. That's how they became so recognizable. We often talk about different schools of thought, some more defined than Italy's, and to reach that stage, it is necessary to follow Spain's path by always proposing the same philosophy. Sometimes we attack, and other times we are forced to defend in our own half, but the idea is always to try to play football," he added, comparing the playing styles of both teams.

Amidst this sea of praise for “La Roja,” Spalletti took the opportunity to analyze their victory against Croatia (3-0) in the inaugural match of Group B.

"They beat Croatia because they always pressed at the same pace. Croatia faded on a couple of occasions, and Spain took advantage of that, but Croatia had an excellent performance. We need to maintain consistent performance, be quick to react, recognize what they are trying to do, and ensure they cannot advance up the field with the ball," he emphasized.

In conclusion, the Italian coach also mentioned the importance of Álvaro Morata and Lamine Yamal despite being only 16 years old in the Spanish team.

"Morata is the best at running back, he is not lazy, he runs a lot. In terms of meters covered and speed, his numbers are incredible, especially because he maintains his speed over long distances, which allows him to be more direct. It's the same with Yamal. Spain has two wingers [including Nico Williams] who thrive in one-on-one situations, and one of the problems we will face is that when we dominate the game, we must ensure we are in the correct position for a turnover because they are deadly if you leave too much space," he warned.

Additionally, Spalletti expressed his admiration for Spain's tactical discipline and consistency. "Their ability to maintain a high level of performance throughout the match is something we need to match. We have to be vigilant and prepared to counter their quick transitions. Our defensive organization will be crucial in managing their attacking threats."

Spalletti also highlighted the significance of team mentality and unity. "Our players need to be mentally strong and cohesive. Facing a team like Spain requires not just skill but also a collective spirit and resilience. We must be prepared to fight for every ball and stay focused for the entire 90 minutes."

As the Italian team prepares for this critical clash, the anticipation and pressure are palpable. Spalletti's insights and strategic approach will be vital in navigating this challenging encounter, with both teams eager to secure a crucial victory in their Euro 2024 campaign.

Updated: 03:18, 19 Jun 2024