Spain is the number 1 favorite for Euro 2024

The former Netherlands coach also highlighted Germany, as they are the host of the European Championship.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 02:32, 20 Jun 2024

Louis van Gaal, the former coach of the Netherlands and former manager of Ajax, Barcelona, AZ Alkmaar, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United, stated on Tuesday that the Spanish national team is the strong favorite to win Euro 2024, based on all the matches from the tournament's first round.

"Spain is the number 1 favorite in this European Championship," he emphasized in an interview with Cadena SER, after the Spaniards defeated Croatia 3-0 in the opening round of Group B. He also highlighted Germany, which has already secured qualification for the round of 16 after thrashing Scotland (5-1) and beating Hungary (2-0), as a strong contender due to being the host of this European Championship.

"I believe the Spanish team is the best at the moment. That was my first impression from the first round. The Netherlands did not play as well as Spain, but they managed to win in the end. Germany or Portugal can do it as well, although they [the Portuguese] did not play very well, but they won in the last minutes," he added.

Van Gaal's comments come amid a competitive and thrilling start to Euro 2024, with several teams showing promising performances. Spain's convincing victory over Croatia has bolstered their confidence and solidified their position as a leading contender. Their disciplined defense and dynamic attack have impressed many analysts and fans alike.

Germany's strong start, with decisive wins over Scotland and Hungary, showcases their potential to leverage home advantage effectively. The German team's depth and tactical flexibility have been key factors in their early success, and they are determined to maintain this momentum as they progress in the tournament.

Portugal, despite not performing at their best in their initial matches, has managed to secure crucial victories, demonstrating their resilience and ability to capitalize on key moments. This ability to win under pressure makes them a dangerous opponent as the tournament advances.

Van Gaal's insights highlight the unpredictable nature of international tournaments, where early impressions can set the stage for later successes or upsets. As the competition heats up, teams will need to maintain their form and adapt to the evolving challenges presented by their opponents. The anticipation and excitement among fans continue to build as Euro 2024 progresses, with many eagerly watching to see if Spain can fulfill their role as favorites or if another team will rise to claim the title.

Updated: 02:32, 20 Jun 2024