Southgate talks about farewell: 'Then I probably won't be here anymore'

It could very well be that Gareth Southgate is in his final weeks as England's head coach. The 53-year-old coach indicated this in a major interview with Bild. 'At some point, people will lose faith in your message.'

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 04:21, 11 Jun 2024

Southgate is on the verge of his second European Championship with England. At EURO 2020, he led The Three Lions to the final, where Italy took the penalties better at Wembley. This time, Southgate sets the bar even higher. "If we don't win, I probably won't be here anymore. Then maybe it was the last chance."

Southgate believes that about half of the national team coaches leave after a tournament. According to the Englishman, this is inherent in international football. "I've been here for almost eight years now and we've been close. I know you can't keep telling the public: 'Just a little more, please.' At some point, people will lose faith in your message. If we are a great team and I am a top coach, then we must perform at peak moments."

"And that is possible," Southgate added. According to the coach, who still has a contract until the end of the year, this is the best team since he took charge. "We have a lot of depth, especially offensively. The team has developed since the last World Cup and gained more experience." England will play against Serbia, Denmark, and Slovenia in the group stage.

Southgate's confidence in the current squad is based on their recent performances and the increasing maturity of key players. The likes of Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, and Mason Mount have continued to excel, while emerging talents such as Jude Bellingham and Phil Foden add fresh dynamism to the team. The balance of experience and youth gives England a versatile and potent lineup capable of challenging the best in Europe.

The pressure is undoubtedly high, but Southgate's calm demeanor and tactical acumen have been instrumental in England's recent successes. The coach remains focused on the immediate task at hand, preparing meticulously for each group stage match. Southgate's understanding of the game and ability to inspire his players will be crucial as England aims to go one step further and lift the trophy.

As the tournament approaches, the anticipation and expectations among the English fans are palpable. The memories of past near-misses add to the desire for triumph, and Southgate is keenly aware of the opportunity at hand. His leadership has been pivotal in transforming England into a formidable force, and he is determined to make the most of what could be his final campaign as head coach.

The road to glory begins with the group stage matches against Serbia, Denmark, and Slovenia. Each game presents its own challenges, but Southgate's faith in his squad's abilities and the collective experience of the team provide a solid foundation for success. The journey promises to be thrilling, and Southgate's England is ready to embrace the challenge and strive for European Championship glory.

Updated: 04:21, 11 Jun 2024