Ronaldo in the eyes of a French goalkeeper: 'He has nothing to prove'

Brice Samba, one of France's goalkeepers at Euro 2024, discussed the upcoming quarterfinal match against Portugal in a Wednesday press conference. The Lens goalkeeper, a backup to Mike Maignan, highlighted the challenge of facing Cristiano Ronaldo, emphasizing Ronaldo's determination to score and stating, "He has nothing to prove." France's journey to the quarterfinals included benefiting from two own goals and a penalty.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 03:18, 3 Jul 2024

Brice Samba, one of the goalkeepers representing France at Euro 2024, spoke to journalists at a press conference on Wednesday, with the upcoming match against Portugal as the main topic.

The Lens goalkeeper, who is a backup to Mike Maignan, was asked about Ronaldo, one of the key players for the Portuguese national team.

"We all know him, he really wants to score, he has nothing to prove. We will have to be strong to limit his influence. It will be a pleasure to play against him," said the 30-year-old Samba.

France reached the quarterfinals benefiting from two own goals and another scored from a penalty. Despite this, the French squad has displayed resilience and determination throughout the tournament. Samba was jokingly asked if he was asked to go easy during practice shots, given the inefficiency. "No, no. They don’t ask us to take our foot off the gas. We are fortunate to be among the players called up for this Euro. We have a lot of fun. We try to be ready to help. We have to put our emotions aside," he emphasized.

The match against Portugal is scheduled to start at 8:00 PM on Friday, promising to be a highly anticipated and intense showdown. France, led by coach Didier Deschamps, has shown tactical versatility and depth in their squad, which will be crucial against a formidable Portuguese team featuring star players like Ronaldo.

Samba, despite being a backup, plays an essential role in the team's preparation and morale. His comments reflect the team's focus and camaraderie as they aim to advance further in the tournament. The French team’s journey to the quarterfinals has been marked by strategic gameplay and moments of individual brilliance, setting the stage for a thrilling encounter with Portugal.

As the French squad gears up for the clash, fans and analysts are eager to see how both teams will perform under pressure. The outcome of this match will significantly impact the tournament's dynamics, with both nations harboring hopes of lifting the Euro 2024 trophy. With experienced players and emerging talents on both sides, the match promises a blend of skill, strategy, and high-stakes drama.

In addition to the on-field tactics, the psychological aspect of handling pressure and expectations will play a critical role. Samba’s assertion about keeping emotions in check underscores the mental preparation required at this level of competition. The ability to stay composed and execute game plans will be pivotal for both teams as they vie for a place in the semifinals.

Updated: 03:18, 3 Jul 2024