Roma loses in the post-Mourinho era: 'To compete with teams like Inter...'

Italian coach Daniele De Rossi experienced his first setback since replacing José Mourinho at the helm of Roma, losing at home to Inter.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 03:00, 11 Feb 2024

Roma faced a significant challenge at home, succumbing to a 2-4 defeat against Inter Milan, marking their first loss under the guidance of new head coach Daniele De Rossi, who took over the reins from José Mourinho in January.

Despite the setback, which occurred after three official games with De Rossi at the helm, the match was a critical learning point for the team and its coach in their journey towards improvement and competitiveness in Serie A.

De Rossi, reflecting on the match, acknowledged the need for Roma to maintain high standards to compete with top-tier teams like Inter. He emphasized the importance of collective responsibility in both victory and defeat, pointing out that a drop in performance level against a team of Inter's caliber can lead to unforgiving outcomes. His analysis of the game highlighted a balanced contest, suggesting that the team's efforts were recognized by the fans' appreciation, which he viewed as a testament to their deserving performance rather than a consolation.

Drawing inspiration from his mentor, Luciano Spalletti, De Rossi underscored the importance of understanding and learning from losses. He stressed that aspiring to compete with teams like Inter necessitates perfection, dismissing satisfaction with mediocrity. His comments to Italian DAZN reflect a commitment to growth and a refusal to settle for anything less than excellence.

Inter's victory further cemented their position at the pinnacle of Serie A, stretching their lead to 60 points, seven points clear of their closest competitors, Juventus, who are scheduled to play against Udinese. This win not only boosts Inter's title aspirations but also sets a high competitive benchmark for other teams in the league.

On the other hand, Roma finds itself in a challenging position in the league table, placed fifth with 38 points, narrowly trailing Atalanta by one point and having played two more games. This positioning places Roma in a precarious situation as they aim for a spot in the next edition of the Champions League, underscoring the urgency for improvement and consistency in their performance.

This match and its aftermath signify a pivotal moment for Roma and De Rossi, highlighting the challenges of competing at the highest level of Italian football and the relentless pursuit of excellence required to bridge the gap with the league's top teams.

Updated: 03:00, 11 Feb 2024