Pogba suspended for four years due to doping use

Paul Pogba is not allowed to play football for the next four years. The French midfielder, who played for Juventus this season, has been suspended due to doping use.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 12:46, 29 Feb 2024

The recent doping scandal involving Paul Pogba, the renowned French midfielder, has sent shockwaves through the football world.

After a routine doping test following a Serie A match against Udinese on August 20 a match in which Pogba did not participate he tested positive for DHEA, a banned substance known to enhance testosterone production. This development has led to significant consequences for the player's career, with Pogba making only a couple more appearances for Juventus before the revelation of his doping case halted his participation on the field.

The decision by the anti-doping prosecutor to seek a four-year ban for Pogba, subsequently upheld by the Italian anti-doping agency, marks a pivotal moment in the athlete's professional journey. Since September, Pogba has been sidelined, not participating in Juventus training sessions due to a provisional suspension. Despite still being under contract with Juventus until the summer of 2026, Pogba's financial remuneration from the club has been drastically reduced to a mere 2,400 euros per month, a direct result of a collective agreement designed to handle such situations among Italian clubs and the national players' union.

This turn of events is particularly poignant for Pogba, who had returned to Juventus in July 2022, rejoining the club where he once rose to prominence, after his stint with Manchester United came to an end. His homecoming was highly anticipated by fans and the club alike, hoping that his return would herald a new era of success. Unfortunately, Pogba's second spell at Juventus was marred by injuries and limited appearances, culminating in just twelve matches played since his return. The current doping scandal effectively ends any hope of a triumphant resurgence in his Juventus career.

Beyond the immediate implications for Juventus, which is now expected to seek a separation from Pogba given the severity of his suspension, the broader impact on Pogba's legacy is profound. Before this incident, Pogba was celebrated for his dynamic play and significant contributions to the French national team, including playing a key role in France's 2018 World Cup victory. Now, with his career in jeopardy and the possibility of appealing the suspension as his only recourse, the future is uncertain for the 30-year-old midfielder.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the rigorous standards athletes are held to regarding doping and the severe repercussions that can follow a positive test. For Pogba, a player once at the pinnacle of world football, the road ahead is fraught with challenges as he navigates the fallout from this scandal, which has tarnished his reputation and may potentially sideline him from professional football during what could have been the peak years of his career.

Updated: 12:46, 29 Feb 2024