Pochettino reacts prickly to questions about Thiago Silva and his wife

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino was certainly not looking forward to questions about Thiago Silva's reserve role after the victory over Aston Villa in the FA Cup. The two had spoken earlier this week because Silva's wife had posted a striking message on X.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 03:42, 8 Feb 2024

The 39-year-old Thiago Silva has been a key player for Chelsea this season, but started on the bench against Aston Villa, a replay in the FA Cup's round of 16, for The Blues.

Pochettino faced questions after the match about the reason behind the 113-time Brazilian international's reserve role, who had a conversation with the Chelsea manager a few days earlier.

Pochettino and Thiago Silva came together because of a message on X from the Brazilian's wife. After Chelsea's loss to Wolverhampton Wanderers, she wrote that something really needs to change at Chelsea and if the club management waits too long it will be 'too late.' English media picked up the message and saw it as a signal towards Pochettino. Thiago Silva's partner then quickly apologized on the same X.


The Argentine, who is with Chelsea at eleventh place in the Premier League, did not want to divulge anything about Thiago Silva's wife's criticism after the cup victory over Villa. When asked by ITV why the veteran started on the bench at Villa Park, Pochettino asked, "Why do you ask that? I think I know, but I am a professional and look at the form of my players and the balance in the team," the manager responded, being terse when asked if the choice had to do with 'something else.' "Wasn't my answer just now clear enough?"

During Tuesday's press conference, Pochettino already stated that as far as he is concerned, there is nothing wrong between him and Thiago Silva. "He came to me to talk and what we discussed is private. We have known each other for about ten years and know how we tick," said the Chelsea manager before the cup victory over Villa.

Updated: 03:42, 8 Feb 2024