Pedri says goodbye to Euro 2024 and accepts Kroos's apology

Kroos had publicly apologized for injuring the Spanish international.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 03:33, 7 Jul 2024

Pedri, who will miss the rest of Euro 2024 due to an injury sustained after a foul by Toni Kroos in the quarterfinals, took to social media to leave a heartfelt message for the fans and to accept the public apology from the German midfielder.

"I came to Germany for Euro 2024 and here I will stay until the end. Because the dream, without a doubt, continues. This week it's time to encourage and contribute in another way to this great family that is the Spanish national team. Their support and that of all of you has been incredible. The hardest moment has passed and the path to recovery is beginning, so that soon I will be in top form with Barcelona," he wrote.

Pedri's message was filled with optimism and gratitude. Despite the unfortunate incident, he emphasized his commitment to supporting his teammates from the sidelines and his determination to come back stronger. His words resonated with fans, who have shown immense support during his recovery.

"Thank you, Toni Kroos, for your message. This is football, and these things happen. Your career and your achievements will last forever. I just want to say one more thing: let's go, Spain," he concluded.

The injury, which occurred in a crucial quarterfinal match, was a significant blow to the Spanish team, as Pedri has been one of their standout players. However, his positive attitude and willingness to stay with the team throughout the tournament have been inspiring.

Spain will now have to navigate the remainder of Euro 2024 without one of their key midfielders, but Pedri's spirit and encouragement will undoubtedly boost the morale of his teammates as they aim for the title. His journey to recovery will be closely followed by fans and the football community, who are eager to see him return to the field and continue his impressive career with both the national team and Barcelona.

Updated: 03:33, 7 Jul 2024