Openda must prepare for a joyful interruption during the Euros

There is a high chance that Loïs Openda will have to leave the Belgian national team's camp during the Euros. His wife is due to give birth during the tournament in Germany. Openda confirmed that he will, of course, go home if his son is born as planned.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 05:03, 13 Jun 2024

The upcoming joyous moment for Openda was brought up during a press event for the Belgian team.

"The due date is July 4th or 5th, but it's up to the baby to decide when he comes," Openda laughed. If Openda Jr. follows the schedule, he will be born around the quarterfinals of the Euros. "It's a very busy period, but it also gives a lot of energy. If my wife goes into labor, I will go home to see my child. Then I'll return," Openda confirmed.

Belgium starts their Euro campaign on June 17 in Germany, with goalkeeper Koen Casteels set to play against Slovakia. The choice of the VfL Wolfsburg goalkeeper, who will move to Saudi Arabia after the Euros, was meant to put an end to the goalkeeper debate in Belgium. Head coach Domenico Tedesco did not call up first-choice goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, even though the Belgian performed admirably in the Champions League final after a season full of injuries.

However, the issue has not yet been put to rest. The Belgian press is asking so many questions about Courtois that Casteels showed some frustration. After the question, he sighed and looked at the press officer, who said that the Courtois topic had already been discussed. Casteels responded anyway. "What more can I say? I have worked on my own career and am satisfied with it. I think that after so many matches in Germany, there isn't much left to prove. I don't feel any pressure, even when it was written beforehand that Matz Sels could also be the number one."

The press conference also highlighted the overall mood within the Belgian camp, as the team prepares for the tournament amidst various personal and professional challenges. Despite the ongoing Courtois debate, the squad remains focused on their objectives and determined to make a strong showing in the Euros.

In addition to the goalkeeper situation, the team's preparation has been affected by the joyous yet potentially disruptive event of Openda's upcoming fatherhood. While this brings a personal milestone for Openda, it also requires logistical adjustments for the team. The Belgian squad is supportive of Openda's situation, understanding the importance of family and the need to balance personal life with professional commitments.

As Belgium gears up for their first match against Slovakia, the team's cohesion and ability to manage off-field distractions will be crucial. The players and coaching staff are working hard to ensure that these issues do not impact their performance on the pitch. The experience and leadership within the team are expected to help navigate these challenges, with a collective focus on advancing through the tournament stages.

Belgium's journey in the Euros will not only be a test of their footballing abilities but also their resilience and unity in the face of diverse challenges. Fans are eager to see how the team will perform, hoping for a successful campaign that reflects the talent and determination of the Belgian squad.

Updated: 05:03, 13 Jun 2024