Norway takes its hat off to Haaland after another hat-trick

Erling Haaland led Norway to a resounding victory over Kosovo on Wednesday evening. The Norwegian striker scored a hat-trick, earning him numerous compliments in his homeland.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 11:38, 6 Jun 2024

Norway, which will be absent from the upcoming Euro tournament this summer, played a friendly match against Kosovo. Haaland stole the spotlight with a hat-trick.

This is no longer surprising to the world, as it is the 22nd hat-trick in the career of this 23-year-old Norwegian phenomenon. With this, he has one more hat-trick than, for example, Harry Kane.

For the Norwegian team, he now has 30 goals in 32 matches. Haaland is just three goals away from breaking Norway's all-time top scorer record. Jørgen Juve is the current all-time top scorer with 33 goals for the national team, but he needed 45 matches to achieve that.

The Norwegian media were very complimentary. "The striker who cannot shine at the Euros caused a stir," wrote Dagbladet. "Although it was just a friendly match, all of Haaland's hat-tricks make headlines around the world. While half of Europe will be playing at the Euros in Germany this summer, he and Norway will be on the sidelines. This was once again highlighted to the world on Wednesday."

"Haaland shone once again at Ullevaal Stadium," was the conclusion of TV2. "Haaland tired? Well, forget it. He sent a clear message. There was no doubt who the man of the match was. As usual, he was pure class."

Norwegian national coach Stale Solbakken was also very complimentary about his striker. "Hats off to Erling today. Not just for the goals he scored, but also for the fact that he is so motivated and involved. It takes energy, especially after such an extensive season, but he still delivers this kind of contribution to the team."

Despite Norway's absence from the Euros, Haaland's performance continues to capture the attention of football fans and analysts worldwide. His relentless drive and exceptional skill have set a new benchmark for strikers globally. As he inches closer to Norway's all-time scoring record, comparisons with other football legends become inevitable. The young striker's journey has only just begun, but his impact is already being felt across the sport.

As Haaland continues to perform at such a high level, the pressure on him increases, yet he handles it with remarkable composure. His ability to remain motivated and deliver consistently, even after a grueling season, speaks volumes about his professionalism and dedication to the game. The Norwegian media's praise is not just for his goal-scoring prowess but also for his attitude and commitment, which serve as an inspiration to both his teammates and young aspiring footballers.

Looking ahead, Norway will be closely watching Haaland's pursuit of the all-time top scorer record. His next few matches will be crucial, not just for breaking records but also for setting the tone for Norway's future in international football. With such a prolific talent leading their attack, the hope is that Norway can build a team capable of competing at the highest level, ensuring that future tournaments do not see them on the sidelines.

Updated: 11:38, 6 Jun 2024