Miguel Gutiérrez returns 'control' to Real Madrid

The academy player rejected a 25 million offer from the Premier League this winter transfer window, which would have forced the white team to act 'ahead of schedule'.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 02:54, 6 Feb 2024

The Real Madrid can repurchase Miguel Gutiérrez this summer for eight million euros.

The detail is that the Girona player rejected an offer during this winter transfer window of nearly 25 million from a powerful Premier League team that would have forced Madrid to put an additional twelve and a half million on the table to retain control of the player.

In January, Real Madrid did not have an option to repurchase him; they had a right of first refusal, which obligated them to match any offer from another club to retain him. Since they have 50% of the player's economic rights, they would only need to pay half of the amount offered in the official document. When the offer from the Premier League came, the player said "no," making it easier for Madrid to maintain control of the player throughout the summer.

Miguel Gutiérrez has a release clause of 35 million euros, but if he remains with Real Madrid until the summer, the club can repurchase him for 8 million euros. During the winter, there was a possibility that Madrid could have lost the player. How? Quite simply, a good offer would have put Real Madrid in a complicated position because if they didn't exercise their right of first refusal, they could have lost the player. The operation could have also benefited Girona (which could have kept the player on loan until the end of the season), but since the player refused to leave, Real Madrid still maintains control for eight million euros.

He has already said "no" to leaving Real Madrid

When he was in the youth academy of Real Madrid, Miguel and his representatives said "no" to Manchester United. Before turning 16, a United scout in Spain had a meeting with him and his agents at the player's home. Miguel declined the option to leave because he wanted to stay at Real Madrid. Manchester United was offering significantly more than what they were earning at the time with the Madrid team. When he was a first-year youth player, he played for the Juvenil A team (which was two years younger), skipping the Juvenil B team. While at Castilla under the management of Raúl, his agents received offers to leave, but they decided to stay at Castilla to continue their development.

Updated: 02:54, 6 Feb 2024