Messi still has no answer about the 2026 World Cup: 'There's still a long way to go...'

The captain of the Argentina national team does not guarantee that he will play in the next World Cup, but he also does not rule out the possibility.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 06:39, 8 Jun 2024

Lionel Messi assures that he has not yet decided if he will play in the 2026 World Cup with Argentina. It all depends on what his physical condition dictates.

"It depends on how I feel, how I am physically, and being realistic with myself. And knowing if I am capable of competing and helping my teammates. There is still a lot of time... well, not that much, because time flies, but there is still some time left, and I don’t know how I will be at that moment. Age is also a reality, it is just a number, but the games I will play until then are not the same as those I played when I was in Europe, playing every three days, both in France and Spain," he said in an interview with Infobae.

Messi emphasized the need to be honest about his physical capabilities and the realistic possibility of contributing effectively to the team. He is aware of the challenges that come with age and the different pace of his current playing schedule compared to his time in Europe.

One who has already announced his farewell after the Copa América, which takes place in the coming weeks, is Di María. His departure marks the end of an era for the Argentine national team, as many key players from their successful campaigns are stepping down.

"It’s a generation that is leaving. Just yesterday or the day before, we were talking about it, it was Ota [Otamendi], Fideo [Di María], and me. And well... now only two of us remain," said the 36-year-old Inter Miami forward. Di María's decision to retire after the Copa América underscores the ongoing transition within the squad.

The upcoming Copa América will be a significant tournament for Argentina, not just in terms of competition but also as a farewell for some of its veteran players. As Messi reflects on his future, the team prepares to navigate these changes and build towards the 2026 World Cup. The tournament in Germany will provide a platform for younger players to step up and for Messi to assess his readiness closer to the event.

For fans and the football community, Messi's decision will be highly anticipated. His legacy and impact on the sport are unparalleled, and whether he continues to grace the World Cup stage remains a topic of great interest and speculation.

Updated: 06:39, 8 Jun 2024