Mbappé is not worthy of being captain. He will only play because the opponent is Spain

Kylian Mbappé faces intense scrutiny as France prepares for their Euro 2024 semifinal clash against Spain. Criticized by former French midfielder Emmanuel Petit for his lack of leadership and underwhelming performance, Mbappé has only scored one goal, from a penalty, in the tournament.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 11:39, 9 Jul 2024

Mbappé reaches the semifinals of Euro 2024 with only one goal, from a penalty, and is criticized by Emmanuel Petit, a former French midfielder who won the European Championship and the World Cup.

"Mbappé, so far, is not worthy of being captain. He does not take on enough responsibilities on the field," said Petit, who played for Monaco, Arsenal, Barcelona, and Chelsea. "He will only play because the opponent is Spain. Otherwise, I would leave him on the bench," he emphasized.

The star player who will strengthen Real Madrid was substituted at half-time during extra time against Portugal in the quarterfinals. "It was already too late when he was substituted. He should have been taken off after an hour of play, at most," he stated in an interview with NTV.

Petit’s remarks highlight a broader concern about Mbappé's current form and leadership qualities. Despite his immense talent and previous successes, his performance in Euro 2024 has been underwhelming, leading to scrutiny from fans and experts alike. The decision to keep him on the field for so long during crucial matches has been questioned, with many believing that earlier substitutions could have changed the game's dynamics.

Spain and France, it should be noted, are competing for a spot in the final of the tournament in a match scheduled for 8:00 PM this Tuesday. This high-stakes game will test both teams' strengths and strategies. France, with its rich history in international football, will rely on its depth and experience, while Spain, known for its tactical prowess, will look to exploit any weaknesses in the French squad.

As the match approaches, the focus remains on whether Mbappé can rise to the occasion and prove his critics wrong. His ability to lead and deliver in such a pivotal game could define not only his role in the team but also the outcome of France’s Euro 2024 campaign. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see if he can reclaim his form and inspire his team to victory, securing a place in the final and a chance at European glory.

Updated: 11:39, 9 Jul 2024