Man United duo completely criticized: 'This must stop'

Manchester United is being thoroughly criticized after the debacle against Crystal Palace. Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher is particularly harsh on one player: Casemiro.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 12:14, 7 May 2024

Manchester United's hopes for a European spot took a significant hit on Monday in a disappointing loss that has sparked widespread criticism.

Amidst the fallout, Casemiro, the 32-year-old Brazilian midfielder, found himself at the center of controversy due to his involvement in two of the four goals scored against his team. The reaction from pundits, especially from former player and Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher, was notably harsh.

Carragher, known for his incisive and often unsparing analysis, did not mince words in his post-match comments. "I said at halftime that Ten Hag should substitute Casemiro. I seriously think Casemiro only has three games left at the top level," he declared, suggesting that the midfielder's time at the highest echelons of football might be nearing an end. Carragher even proposed that Casemiro consider moving to leagues perceived as less competitive, like MLS or the Saudi Arabian league, as a next step. "He is getting older, and the people around him need to tell him that this has to stop," Carragher added, reflecting on Casemiro's illustrious past with Real Madrid, where he was a pivotal figure in one of the most formidable midfields in recent history.

Building on his critique, Carragher reminded everyone of a time-honored adage in sports: "Leave football before football leaves you." He argued that Casemiro can no longer perform at the highest level and that he should seek to preserve his legacy by choosing to play where the expectations and physical demands are more manageable. This advice underscored a broader discussion about the aging athlete's role in modern sports, balancing between extending a career and exiting gracefully to avoid diminishing one’s achievements.

In addition to Casemiro, Antony, another Brazilian and recent high-profile signing by Manchester United, also came under fire following the same match. The Manchester Evening News labeled him a "mispurchase" after his lackluster performance against Crystal Palace. Despite being one of the most expensive signings in Manchester United's history at 100 million euros, Antony's contributions have fallen short of expectations. The local media contrasted his current form unfavorably against Crystal Palace's Michael Olise, highlighting the disparity in performance levels despite the significant financial investment in Antony. Described as "the worst purchase in the history of Manchester United," Antony’s struggles illustrate the pressures and challenges that come with big-money moves in football.

This match, therefore, not only exposed the immediate tactical and formational issues at Manchester United but also ignited a broader debate about player longevity, transfer policies, and the handling of high-expectation signings in top-flight football. As the club navigates these turbulent waters, the decisions made in the upcoming transfer windows will be closely watched, as will the management's strategies for nurturing and potentially phasing out aging star players.

Updated: 12:14, 7 May 2024