Luxembourg goalkeeper misses his brother's wedding for a friendly match against Belgium

Professional footballers have to make many sacrifices for the sport, but Anthony Moris takes it very seriously. The goalkeeper for Union Saint-Gilloise and Luxembourg will miss his brother's wedding on Saturday for a friendly match against Belgium.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 06:18, 8 Jun 2024

Moris was born in Belgium and played for various Belgian youth teams, but he has been representing Luxembourg for ten years now. His love for that country is so great that he is willing to miss his brother's wedding for it.

"A heartbreaking choice," Moris told Het Laatste Nieuws. "Only my wife and children will be present in the stadium. The rest of the family is going to the wedding."

Moris's dedication to Luxembourg is evident in his decision to prioritize the match over a significant family event. This Saturday evening, he will play his 65th international match for Luxembourg. The game against his 'home country' Belgium holds special significance for him. In 2014, Moris made his international debut against the Belgian national team, the Red Devils. This upcoming match brings his journey full circle, highlighting the deep connections and personal sacrifices involved in his career.

For Belgium, this friendly match is not just another game. It serves as a crucial final preparation for the upcoming European Championship in Germany. The Belgian team is aiming to fine-tune their strategies and ensure their squad is in optimal shape for the tournament. As such, the game is set to be competitive and intense, providing both teams with valuable experience.

Moris's decision to miss his brother's wedding underscores the often unseen personal sacrifices professional athletes make for their careers. It also highlights the strong bond he feels with Luxembourg, a country he has come to represent with pride and dedication over the past decade. His story is a poignant reminder of the personal costs of professional sports and the deep connections athletes form with the countries they represent.

Updated: 06:18, 8 Jun 2024