Lazio wants to make history and capitalize on Bayern's weaknesses

Bayern Munich must overcome a determined opponent on Tuesday to avoid a disappointing Champions League campaign. Lazio will attack in Germany, according to coach Maurizio Sarri's plans.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 11:23, 5 Mar 2024

The atmosphere in Munich is tense as Bayern Munich faces the prospect of finishing a season without a domestic trophy for the first time in twelve years.

This situation has made the Champions League a crucial avenue for the club to salvage some pride. However, their path forward is obstructed by Lazio, who arrive in Germany bolstered by a narrow 1-0 win in the first leg of their encounter.

Maurizio Sarri, the head coach of Lazio, has pinpointed Bayern's defensive vulnerabilities as a potential area to exploit. He expressed hopes during the pre-match press conference that his team could take advantage of Bayern's tendency to lose their defensive shape during games. This tactical insight was evident in the first leg, where Lazio's star striker, Ciro Immobile, scored from the penalty spot following a foul by Bayern's Dayot Upamecano, who was subsequently sent off.

Despite holding a lead from the first leg, Sarri insists that adopting a purely defensive stance in the return match would be a mistake. He advocates for a bold approach, emphasizing the importance of playing offensively. Lazio managed to create meaningful chances in the first leg, having four shots on target compared to Bayern's none, despite having less possession and fewer overall shots.

The significance of the match extends beyond this season for Lazio. If they advance to the quarter-finals, it will mark their first appearance at this stage of the Champions League since 2000. At that time, under a different tournament format, they made it through a second group stage, featuring notable performances against teams like Feyenoord.

Sarri also touched on the broader context of Italian football's resurgence, suggesting that Serie A has been improving in recent years. He acknowledges the financial disparities with the Premier League but asserts that Serie A is competitive with other leagues in various respects.

Lazio's captain, Ciro Immobile, highlighted the club's growth, both in infrastructure and on-field performance, since his arrival in 2016. He reminisced about the club's humble beginnings, where the training facilities were rudimentary at best, to the point where they are now contenders for a spot in the Champions League quarter-finals. This progress, according to Immobile, is indicative of Lazio's development and ambition, showcasing their journey from local to European contenders.

Updated: 11:23, 5 Mar 2024