For the development of the game, Neuer is just as important as Messi

Mario Gómez believes that Manuel Neuer doesn't always get the credit he deserves. The former striker points out that the 38-year-old Bayern Munich goalkeeper has completely transformed the role of the goalkeeper.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 10:19, 20 Apr 2024

"I would place Neuer on the same level as Lionel Messi in terms of their importance to the development of the game," recounts Gómez on the Phrasenmäher podcast by BILD.

"Does everyone realize that this is a goalkeeper who has revolutionized the position? We will only appreciate that in twenty years."

Gómez, who played alongside Neuer at Bayern between 2011 and 2013, is well-placed to judge the specific qualities of the goalkeeper. "Thanks to him, everyone now knows that goalkeepers also need to be good with their feet. He is incredibly skilled with both hands and feet."

Despite various injuries, Neuer has been undisputed in Die Mannschaft for years, even though he has a worthy competitor in Marc-André ter Stegen. Last month, national coach Julian Nagelsmann announced that the Bayern goalkeeper will be in goal during the European Championship as the host nation. Before that, Neuer and Der Rekordmeister are chasing their third Champions League victory. In the semifinals, they face a two-legged match against Real Madrid. These matches are scheduled for April 30 (in Munich) and May 8 (in Madrid).

Expanding on this, Gómez emphasized Neuer's unique approach to goalkeeping. His proactive style, often leaving his line to participate in play, has not only redefined the role of a goalkeeper but also influenced how teams build their play from the back. This approach requires not just physical agility but a deep understanding of the game, traits that Neuer has mastered to perfection.

Neuer's influence extends beyond the pitch; his leadership and experience are invaluable, especially in high-stakes matches. Under his guard, Bayern has maintained a formidable defensive record, and his presence gives confidence to the defense and the team as a whole. As they prepare for the upcoming Champions League matches, the team's strategy undoubtedly revolves around his strengths both as a goalkeeper and a playmaker from the back.

Furthermore, Gómez highlighted the cultural impact of Neuer's style. Young goalkeepers worldwide are now trained not only to save goals but to handle the ball and initiate plays, a testament to Neuer's lasting legacy on football. As the game evolves, the role of the goalkeeper becomes increasingly complex, and Neuer's contributions are pivotal in shaping this future landscape.

Updated: 10:19, 20 Apr 2024