Fenerbahçe President Does Not Keep Mourinho's Salary a Secret

The appointment of José Mourinho at Fenerbahçe has caused quite a stir in Turkey. President Ali Koç provides insight into the contract of the new coach and mentions that his club was not the only interested party.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 12:02, 5 Jun 2024

Fenerbahçe introduced Mourinho to the Turkish press on Sunday, followed by a presentation to the supporters. The top club did this in front of tens of thousands of spectators.

The Portuguese coach signed a two-year contract with Fenerbahçe but had more irons in the fire in Istanbul. Besiktas also hoped for his arrival.

"Mourinho spoke with other clubs," confirmed President Ali Koç to Sports Digitale on Wednesday. "Besiktas also contacted him, but we were first. We also made a better offer than Besiktas, which impressed Mourinho. We are giving him and his staff twelve million euros annually."

Mourinho's appointment is a significant move for Fenerbahçe, aiming to bring them back to the top of Turkish football. His impressive track record includes winning the Scudetto three times with Juventus, the Premier League with Chelsea, and another Scudetto with Inter Milan. His last tenure at Tottenham Hotspur, however, ended in disappointment, with the club deciding to part ways with him in March last year.

In Search of the Championship

Mourinho knows what he has to do in the Asian part of the Turkish capital. Fenerbahçe's last league title dates back to the 2013/14 season, when Dirk Kuijt was still under contract with the club. This season, Fenerbahçe was close, but a total of 99 points was not enough to surpass Galatasaray. This near miss has only increased the club's determination to secure the title under Mourinho's guidance.

Expectations for Mourinho

The expectations are high for Mourinho at Fenerbahçe. The club is looking to not only reclaim the Turkish league title but also to make a significant impact in European competitions. The substantial salary offered to Mourinho and his staff reflects the club's commitment to achieving these ambitious goals. The fans are hopeful that Mourinho's experience and tactical prowess will lead to a new era of success for Fenerbahçe.

Updated: 12:02, 5 Jun 2024