Euphoric Atmosphere for the Turks: 'As if We Were Playing in Turkey'

There is a euphoric atmosphere in Turkey after the victory over Georgia at the Euros. Arda Güler is in the spotlight due to his fantastic goal, but he does not claim all the credit.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 11:13, 19 Jun 2024

Turkey won their first group match 3-1 against Euro debutants Georgia, thanks in part to a brilliant goal by Güler in the second half.

"We wanted to give our coach this gift," said the Real Madrid midfielder afterward in Turkish media, referring to coach Vincenzo Montella's birthday. "Carlo Ancelotti (his coach at Real Madrid) wished me luck before the game. The support from Real Madrid also motivates me immensely. We have to give credit to everyone here."

The match saw Turkey dominate from the start, with their aggressive play and strategic moves overwhelming the Georgian team. Turkey's first goal came early in the match, setting the tone for their performance. Georgia managed to equalize before halftime, but the Turkish team returned with renewed vigor in the second half. Güler’s stunning goal was a highlight, showcasing his skill and precision.

"The atmosphere was incredible, and we wanted to give the people this happiness. There is a lot of love for me, and I work hard to repay it. I hope I can make the fans happy with these kinds of goals. It's not easy to explain my feelings," Güler continued. The young midfielder's performance has been widely praised, with fans and analysts alike recognizing his potential and contribution to the team's success.

Yusuf Yazici, another key player in the match, expressed his joy for his teammate. "We have to thank everyone. It was as if we were playing in Turkey. The fans are everywhere with us, and also here. We are grateful for that. Arda scored an amazing goal. This might already be the best goal of the tournament," Yazici said. The support from the Turkish fans, both in the stadium and back home, created an electrifying atmosphere that spurred the players on.

The victory against Georgia has boosted Turkey's confidence as they prepare for their next group match. The team's unity and determination were evident on the field, and they are keen to maintain this momentum. Coach Vincenzo Montella, celebrating his birthday with a significant win, commended his players for their dedication and hard work.

As the tournament progresses, Turkey aims to continue delivering strong performances. The team's mix of experienced players and young talents like Güler has created a balanced and formidable squad. The win against Georgia is just the beginning, and Turkey is determined to prove their strength in the upcoming matches.

Updated: 11:13, 19 Jun 2024