Euphoria at the Etihad: 'Now we can say that we are the first'

On Sunday, Manchester City became the first club ever to win the English championship four times in a row. After the victory over West Ham United, many players from the champions reacted to this unique achievement.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 10:44, 19 May 2024

Phil Foden, who played a crucial role with two goals, was acutely aware of the historic significance of Manchester City's latest triumph.

"Now we can say that we are the first; I have no words for it. It never gets boring; I always want to feel this way. We have worked all year for this. Now we are in the history books; no team has ever done this before," Foden told the BBC. His performance on the pitch epitomized City's relentless pursuit of excellence, showcasing the depth of talent in the squad even in the absence of other key players.

The decisive 3-1 goal came from Rodri, who sealed the league title with his strike. His goal underscored the strength and resilience of the team. For Kevin De Bruyne, this marked his sixth title with City. "The sixth is just as beautiful as the first; this is the most special title for me. I had a difficult year due to my injury, so it was special for me to come back in this way and help the team. We enjoy playing together; this is not a team with big egos. The enjoyment just continues," De Bruyne told Sky Sports. His words reflected the camaraderie and mutual support within the squad, contributing significantly to their sustained success.

It had been a tough title race, as Bernardo Silva and Kyle Walker noted in conversation with Sky Sports. "The margins are so small. We've finished one point ahead of Liverpool twice, now two points ahead of Arsenal. We've been lucky, but the achievement is incredible. Four in a row, we're very proud and happy with that," said Silva. His acknowledgment of the narrow margins highlighted the intense competition in the Premier League.

Walker agreed with his teammate, emphasizing the team's focus and determination. "We did talk about what we could achieve. We've made history, but more importantly, we are champions again. It's a very difficult league to win. In Germany, Spain, and Italy, the champions are far ahead, so compliments to Arsenal and Liverpool for pushing us to the limit." His comments illustrated the respect City players have for their rivals and the high level of competition that drives them to improve continuously.

Jack Grealish, also speaking to Sky Sports, admitted that it wasn't his best year and thanked his coach Pep Guardiola. "I didn't play well at all this season, though it was better than my first year. I wanted to play more, but there are some good players around here. What did I say to Pep? Well, congratulations. Then he congratulated me. He's an incredible guy. I've had quite a difficult time personally this year, I'm willing to say that, and he was always there for me." Grealish's candid admission and gratitude towards Guardiola highlighted the personal challenges players face and the importance of having supportive leadership.

Manchester City's historic achievement of winning four consecutive Premier League titles is a testament to their consistency, talent, and team spirit. Each player's contribution, whether on the pitch or in their support roles, underscores the collective effort required to achieve such a feat. As they celebrate this milestone, the team and its supporters look forward to continuing their legacy of excellence in the seasons to come.

Updated: 10:44, 19 May 2024