Eric? I find it illogical that a football player plays against his own team, he will be extra motivated

The Catalan coach explains that Barcelona did not have time to include the 'fear clause' in the center-back's loan deal.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 01:00, 9 Dec 2023

Xavi expects a challenging match against Girona tomorrow. The coach also regrets that in the loan of Eric García to Montilivi, there was no time to include the so-called 'fear clause.'

He believes that a player should not compete against his own team, citing as an example Joao Félix's goal against Atlético last week. Precisely, the coach reiterated that he would love to continue having the Portuguese and Cancelo on the team next season. Finally, he praises Míchel, the playing style of the Girona team, and sees the Catalan team as a title contender.

Match against Girona

"It's a great match. Girona is surprisingly, for many people, either leading or co-leading. But, for us, it's not a surprise. They are a dynamic team, with a great coach, a system similar to ours, wanting to have the ball, to be protagonists, they press you... I congratulate the coach and the team. Moreover, they are tremendously confident, daring, and it will be complicated for us tomorrow. We will not change much, we come in a good dynamic and with two good matches."

"Signing a goalkeeper is not an option. We have confidence in what we have. We trust that Marc will recover soon."

Porto and Atlético

"It went very well for us, in terms of morale, confidence. We had two games that were like two finals. Tomorrow is a direct rival. They are four points ahead of us. Very important. Hopefully, we'll show the complete version of the day of the Atlético match. Tomorrow we have to prove it again."

Special Match

"We will change little. Last year at our home, Girona pressed us, and at Montilivi, they closed up. We'll see tomorrow. We have planned the match with various scenarios. They have more variants and individualities. They have improved a lot compared to last year."

Girona's Chances of Winning LaLiga

"Yes, I have already said that unexpectedly and surprisingly they can do it. I like it because they are brave, they are not afraid."

Pablo Torre

"The clause seems logical to me. Look at Atlético Madrid the other day with Joao Félix, how would you feel? A football player who is yours can never go against you."

Xavi on Eric García

"I would put the clause on everyone. I find it illogical that a football player plays against you. He will be extra motivated, as happened with Joao Félix. With Eric, we couldn't put it at the last minute."

Baby Boom after Winning LaLiga

"Hopefully there will be a baby boom for winning the Champions, like the 'Iniestazo.'"


"He is ready. He is a high-level football player, with a high ability to play out from the back, aggressive, intelligent. He is very young, but I see him prepared."

Negotiation with Joao Félix and Cancelo

"If the president said it, it's gospel. He hasn't said anything we don't know. We are more than satisfied. Both have adapted very well, performing at a very high level. We would like to have them beyond this season."

Xavi on Michel for a Big Team

"I see him and all the coaches in the category. What he is doing is very commendable."

Many Injuries

"It's part of the competition. Every year we talk about the calendar, demands... it's a pity, but if you look at other teams, there are always two, three, or four. The big ones with five, six... it's due to the calendar, the demands, the games..."

Oriol Romeu

"Don't get discouraged. I always give the example of Iñaki."

Joao Félix, 70 Million

"I would like to continue counting on Joao Félix, of course. The club too. The negotiation is not my concern. As a coach, I would like to count on him."

Difference with Girona

"We always want to press high and Girona varies. How they populate the midfield, they do it with a full-back to create superiority... we seek to dominate, to have the ball, to attack."

Presence of Eric

"It had to be quick and the clause could not be put. For me, he would not play."

Updated: 01:00, 9 Dec 2023