English hero Bellingham can't contain his happiness: 'This one was so important'

Jude Bellingham is relieved and happy after England's miraculous escape, in which he played a very large role. The twenty-year-old midfielder hopes that the victory against Slovakia has helped turn the mood around The Three Lions.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 09:14, 30 Jun 2024

As Bellingham has done several times this season for Real Madrid, he helped England secure a result after the ninetieth minute.

The attacking midfielder managed to outwit Slovakia goalkeeper Martin Dubravka with an overhead kick, a moment of brilliance that left fans and analysts alike in awe. After the match, Bellingham reflected on the moment during the press conference.

"You are thirty seconds away from going home today, it feels like you've let your country down, and then when you kick that ball, it's an amazing feeling," Bellingham began, then acknowledged that playing for England brings its own pressures. "But when you're on the field and you score, you're so happy."

Bellingham's heroics have become a recurring theme this season. He scored several times in extra time for Real Madrid last season, including twice against Barcelona in crucial matches that showcased his ability to perform under pressure. When asked if this goal for England against Slovakia ranks higher, Bellingham responded, "There are a few that mean a lot to me, but this one was so important. We will see in two weeks just how important it really was."

The mood around the England team has been less than ideal throughout the tournament. The team has faced criticism for their performances and results, leading to a tense atmosphere both within the squad and among the fans. Bellingham hopes that his goal will serve as a turning point. "It was very important to change the mood. It can make a world of difference," he concluded.

This goal not only lifted England into the next round but also served to bolster team morale. Bellingham's performance has reignited hope and excitement among the supporters, who now believe that the team can push further into the tournament.

With Bellingham leading the charge, England will now work towards the quarter-finals of the Euros. The team will need to build on this momentum as they prepare for their next challenge. On Saturday, July 6th, they will face Switzerland at 6:00 PM in Düsseldorf. The match promises to be a tough encounter, with Switzerland having shown strong form in the tournament.

England's coaching staff and players are aware of the challenges ahead, but Bellingham's late heroics have given them a renewed sense of confidence. The focus will be on maintaining discipline, improving their gameplay, and harnessing the energy from their recent win to overcome Switzerland.

As the tournament progresses, all eyes will be on Bellingham and his teammates to see if they can continue their journey and possibly secure a spot in the semi-finals. The path will not be easy, but with the talent and determination displayed by players like Bellingham, England's prospects look promising.

Updated: 09:14, 30 Jun 2024