Eberl hopes to prevent Davies' free transfer departure from Bayern

The new sporting director of Bayern Munich is determined to renegotiate Alphonso Davies' contract. It has been rumored that he already has a verbal agreement with Real Madrid, but Bayern wants to prevent a free transfer.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 11:51, 27 Feb 2024

Bayern Munich's newly appointed sporting director, Max Eberl, is stepping into a challenging situation with Alphonso Davies' potential transfer to Real Madrid creating a buzz in the football world.

Reports from reputable sources like Marca, Sky Deutschland, and The Athletic have fueled speculations about Davies' imminent move, with the latter claiming that the Canadian international has already reached a verbal agreement with the Spanish giants. With Davies' contract set to expire in mid-2025, Real Madrid is reportedly eyeing a move for the summer of next year, hoping to either secure his transfer or wait out his contract to sign him on a free transfer subsequently.

Eberl's response to these developments was made clear during a press conference where he announced his intention to actively involve himself in the situation. Highlighting the ongoing discussions between Davies and Bayern's management, including CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen and technical manager Christoph Freund, Eberl expressed his determination to continue these talks in hopes of extending Davies' contract. The objective is clear: Bayern Munich aims to avert the loss of a valuable player without a transfer fee.

"No club wants players to leave on a free transfer. So I'll see what the situation is," Eberl remarked, underlining the importance of retaining key players. Dreesen's reliance on Eberl's involvement signifies a strategic approach to managing player contracts, with the club's future dealings now significantly resting on the shoulders of Eberl and Freund.

In addition to the Davies saga, Eberl also touched upon the contractual situation of Joshua Kimmich, another crucial player for Bayern tied to the club until mid-2025. Eberl's anticipation of discussions with Kimmich reflects the broader strategy of securing the core of the team for the future. Acknowledging Kimmich's development, mentality, and quality, Eberl also hinted at the challenges ahead, stating, "Everyone has to show how important Bayern Munich is to them."

These developments come at a pivotal time for Bayern Munich, with Eberl's approach to player negotiations and contract extensions likely to play a critical role in shaping the club's competitive edge and stability in the years to come.

Updated: 11:51, 27 Feb 2024