Dallinga: 'I also wanted to show against Liverpool that I have the level'

Thijs Dallinga is developing rapidly and could not have imagined three years ago that he would now be playing in the Dutch national team. The striker is one of the standout players at the French club.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 12:11, 1 Dec 2023

Dallinga was surplus to requirements at FC Groningen, scored prolifically at Excelsior, and earned a transfer worth about 2.5 million euros to the French club Toulouse, where he has been scoring consistently. "This is exactly what I wanted, a fresh start in a new country where I could show my abilities," Dallinga said to L'Équipe. 

"When you arrive somewhere new, you have to show what you can do right away. Of course, my status has changed a bit since last season, but I just try to be myself and help everyone."

Dallinga chose to leave Groningen at that time and does not regret it at all. "When I think about it, I have grown a lot as a person and a player. You have to know how to improve from every negative event. I don't panic as quickly as before. Like, for example, because of the missed penalty against Le Havre (on November 5, ed.). When I was younger, I would have thought about it throughout the game. I would have been angry. Now, I let it go more quickly."

That Dallinga scored twice against Liverpool in the Europa League confirms his status. "I also wanted to show against Liverpool that I have the level. In these kinds of situations, I always try to remain calm and relaxed, not put pressure on myself, and enjoy the moment. Looking back at where I was three years ago and now... It's a dream come true," said Dallinga.

"Even though I didn't really consider it, it was a long-term goal, because when you play for a reserve team, you are very far from this level. The next step? I don't yet know what I want, except to get better and score as many goals as possible."

Updated: 12:11, 1 Dec 2023