Cynical reaction from Griezmann to leaked footage of French training

Antoine Griezmann is not happy that French media shared footage of the training. It showed some internationals taking penalties in preparation for the European Championship semifinal against Spain.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 11:49, 8 Jul 2024

This all happened after the regular training session, during which the press (including Spanish journalists) was allowed back in. Despite this, Griezmann was not happy that RMC Sport, of all outlets, shared the footage of the French penalty practice on social media. "Ugh, great! Thanks for the information," the 31-year-old star responded on his social media account.

The leaked footage sparked a mix of reactions among the players. Youssouf Fofana was one of the players whose penalty was seen in the video, but the AS Monaco midfielder did not mind. "I changed corners because I saw the cameras. It turned out to be the right thing to do, as half an hour later, I saw it all over the internet," he laughed. "If a goalkeeper uses this video for a penalty shootout, that's only good."

Fofana's pragmatic approach contrasts with Griezmann's frustration. The midfielder's adaptability in changing his penalty direction highlights his awareness and quick thinking under the circumstances. Fofana was one of the five French penalty takers in the shootout against Portugal on Friday, a match that showcased the tension and high stakes of such moments. Griezmann, however, had already been substituted by coach Didier Deschamps by then.

The French media has been buzzing with speculation about the starting lineup for the upcoming semifinal against Spain. According to reports, it is uncertain if the Atlético Madrid forward will start against Spain. Deschamps is reportedly considering starting Ousmane Dembélé after his strong performance as a substitute. Dembélé's potential inclusion in the starting eleven reflects Deschamps' strategy to capitalize on the winger's recent form and impact off the bench.

As the French team prepares for the crucial match against Spain, the internal dynamics and tactical decisions remain in the spotlight. The incident with the leaked training footage adds an additional layer of intrigue, illustrating the challenges and pressures faced by the players and coaching staff in maintaining a competitive edge while under constant media scrutiny.

Updated: 11:49, 8 Jul 2024