Controversial transfer: PSG to sign Russian goalkeeper for 20 million

Matvey Safonov, the 25-year-old Russian goalkeeper from Krasnodar, is set to join PSG for approximately 20 million euros.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 04:22, 7 Jun 2024

Matvey Safonov, the Russian goalkeeper from Krasnodar, is on his way to PSG for around 20 million euros.

Deals with Russian clubs have been limited since the invasion of Ukraine, so the French media consider the transfer risky, although legal. This move has raised eyebrows due to the ongoing geopolitical tensions and the potential backlash from various stakeholders. However, PSG seems determined to bolster their squad with the talented shot-stopper.

Safonov, 25 years old, is the starting goalkeeper for Russia, which he has represented 13 times. Known for his impressive reflexes and commanding presence in the box, he has been a standout performer in the Russian Premier League. His consistent performances have attracted attention from several top European clubs, but PSG managed to secure his signature.

He has been in France for several days and has already undergone medical examinations for PSG. The club is expected to officially announce the transfer soon, once all the formalities are completed. Safonov's arrival will provide PSG with more depth in the goalkeeping department, as they look to compete on multiple fronts in the upcoming season.

This transfer underscores PSG's ambition to strengthen their squad despite the complexities involved in negotiating with Russian clubs. Safonov's integration into the team will be closely watched, given the circumstances surrounding his move and the expectations that come with playing for a club of PSG's stature.

Updated: 04:22, 7 Jun 2024