Calhanoglu considers himself the best midfielder in the world: 'Rodri second'

Hakan Calhanoglu holds himself in high regard. The Turkish technician from Internazionale considers himself to be the best midfielder in the world.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 03:43, 22 Feb 2024

Hakan Calhanoglu's assertion of being the world's top midfielder is not just a bold statement but a testament to his remarkable season and distinctive skills that set him apart in the competitive world of football.

His confidence is backed by a unique blend of technical ability, strategic vision, and a knack for scoring goals from distances that many players would not even attempt. Calhanoglu's comparison with other top midfielders like Rodri, Enzo Fernández, Joshua Kimmich, and Toni Kroos, places him in elite company, yet he distinguishes himself through his goal-scoring prowess, particularly from long range and set pieces.

His impact at Serie A has been profound, stepping into the shoes left by Marcelo Brozovic with apparent ease. Calhanoglu's contributions go beyond just filling a gap; he has arguably elevated the role with his performances, adding both goals and assists to his name. With nine goals and three assists, he has been directly involved in a significant portion of his team's offensive output, showcasing his ability to influence games not just through ball distribution but by changing the scoreline himself.

Calhanoglu's preference for not just playing short, safe passes but instead making significant, game-changing plays highlights his philosophy and approach to football. His style is not just about maintaining possession but about making every touch count towards creating scoring opportunities, either for himself or his teammates.

The Champions League match against Atletico Madrid, where Calhanoglu played the full 90 minutes, exemplifies his importance to the team in crucial games. His move from AC Milan to Inter in the summer of 2021, a transfer that was seen as a gamble at the time, has proven to be a masterstroke. Not only has he integrated seamlessly into the team, but he has also become a pivotal figure in their quest for silverware.

Looking ahead, with the first title since his move to Inter within reach, Calhanoglu's gamble appears to have paid off handsomely. His journey reflects not just personal ambition but also a clear vision of his role and impact in football at the highest levels. As the season progresses, his leadership, skill, and unique qualities will be crucial for Inter's ambitions, both domestically and in Europe. Calhanoglu's claim to the top spot among the world's midfielders is not just about his self-belief but a reflection of his exceptional contributions on the field.

Updated: 03:43, 22 Feb 2024