Brentford snatched a late draw against United: 'I almost lost faith in the football god'

Thomas Frank emphasized that his team dominated the Red Devils and deserved to emerge victorious from the match, but he was grateful for the late goal that allowed the team to rescue a point.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 03:30, 31 Mar 2024

Thomas Frank, manager of Brentford Football Club, revealed his tumultuous emotional journey during the thrilling match against Manchester United on Saturday.

The match, which culminated in a 1-1 draw courtesy of a dramatic late equalizer by Kristoffer Azer in the 90+9 minute, left Frank on the brink of despair before the late twist of fate.

In a post-match interview, Frank expressed his disbelief at the outcome, asserting that his team's dominance throughout the game warranted a victory. He described the match as the most one-sided encounter he had ever witnessed, firmly believing that Brentford deserved all three points. However, Mason Mount's 90+6 minute goal for Manchester United initially shattered Frank's faith in the unpredictability of football. He admitted to almost losing hope in the sport, describing it as "brutal" in a negative sense. However, Azer's last-gasp equalizer reignited Frank's faith in the "football god," albeit with a tinge of disappointment at only securing a single point. Despite the setback, Frank maintained a resilient attitude, emphasizing the need for his team to persevere and continue their efforts.

Meanwhile, Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, conceded that his team was outplayed by Brentford. He acknowledged Brentford's superior passion, desire, and determination on the field, lamenting his own team's lack thereof. Ten Hag highlighted the importance of willpower in his team's performance but acknowledged that they fell short in displaying it during the match. Despite salvaging a late goal, Ten Hag expressed his disappointment at not capitalizing on the opportunity to secure all three points, emphasizing the necessity of a stronger performance from his team.

The draw dealt a blow to Manchester United's aspirations for Champions League qualification, as they currently sit in sixth place in the English Premier League standings with 48 points. This places them behind Tottenham Hotspur in fifth place with 56 points and Aston Villa in fourth place with 59 points (albeit having played one more game), the latter occupying the final Champions League qualification spot.

On the other hand, Brentford finds themselves in 15th place with 27 points, maintaining a five-point cushion above the relegation zone. Despite their struggles, the late equalizer against Manchester United serves as a morale boost for Brentford as they strive to secure their Premier League status for another season.

Updated: 03:30, 31 Mar 2024