Boyé: 'We need to scrape something together at the Bernabéu like water in the desert'

'Sometimes things don't work and changes are needed,' the forward confessed, hoping to soon break his drought to help Granada climb out of the hole after 11 matches without a win.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 12:25, 2 Dec 2023

Today, Granada will visit the Santiago Bernabéu to try and scrape some points against Real Madrid. The Nazarí club welcomes new coach Alexander Medina, following the dismissal of Paco López. The Andalusians haven't had a good start to the season, but they want to turn things around.

Question: These have been difficult weeks. How is the squad doing?

Answer: These have been turbulent weeks, with many changes, but it's part of football, we are used to these things happening. We are eager to turn things around, it's the only way, that's the line we're on, although obviously hurt.

Q: The squad supported Paco López in his farewell. Do you think his dismissal was unfair?

A: These decisions are made to bring about a change. Everyone in the club knew what kind of coach Paco was, but sometimes things don't work and these changes are needed, which perhaps no one likes, but are made because that's how football works, that's what was sought. For our part, we have to accept it and adjust to the new coach because we have a very complicated match that demands being at 100%.

Q: Paco López said the team has shortcomings. Do you feel that way in the locker room?

A: From inside, we don't usually pay much attention to that, it's more about the coaches and the people in the club, we are there and we look at it from another place. We are the ones who go onto the field and we feel capable and we are not thinking about how good it would be to reinforce a position, that's not an analysis that football players should do.

Q: What is failing for the poor start to the season?

A: A bit of everything, a stroke of luck, disconnections are condemning us a lot, except in the last match against Alavés, where I think we played a bad game for almost the entire time. Since Las Palmas, the team has shown its face, played well, deserved much more than what it has, but the dynamics when they go like this are very difficult to turn around. We must continue to trust and continue on the line we were on before Alavés so that those victories start to come. If we keep working, at some point the victories will come.

Q: The 'Cacique' is now in charge. What has he conveyed to you in these first days?

A: He knows he has to start slowly, there's hardly any time before his first game. He tries not to overwhelm us with too much information, sticking to basic concepts of his style, and we're trying to adapt. Surely, as the games go by, that will change and he will become a bit more relaxed.

Q: Is it harder to sleep before facing Real Madrid?

A: It's a very nice match, in one of the most important stadiums in the world. We have to try to enjoy the game from our perspective, respect Madrid, but knowing that we can cause them damage and we must do so to scrape something from the Bernabéu because we need it like water in the desert.

Q: After eleven rounds without a win, do you see the team capable of getting something positive against Madrid?

A: Yes, obviously we are capable, it's a great match to do so because it would give us a spectacular morale boost. We will do everything possible, no doubt, it will be difficult, we will all have to be at our best level, and maybe they will have a bad evening, but I firmly believe that we can scrape something.

Q: You have already scored against Madrid. What's the recipe for winning?

A: These are matches where you play against the best in the world, we have to be at the highest level, make as few mistakes as possible because they can score from half a chance, they have important players in every line, they are always confident, so we have to play an almost perfect game, we know that and are mentally prepared for it to happen.

Q: Bellingham, Rodrygo... Is there any player from Madrid who keeps you awake at night?

A: They are all very good, to pick one would be unfair. They have already won, and by doing things right, we can too.

Q: Bryan shone against Barça. What is his potential?

A: He is a decisive player, when he's on an upward trajectory, he can win a match against any opponent. It's very difficult to stop him, I hope he continues at that level because he gives us a lot.

Q: Do you see him with the potential to reach the next level and play in a big club?

A: He certainly has the conditions, he is very young and I believe he has the potential, then it will depend on him, as in all footballers' careers, you go through a lot of things and depending on how you face them, it goes one way or another. He has all the conditions.

Interest from clubs like Sevilla, Atlético, or Barça

Q: Clubs like Sevilla, Atlético, or Barça have shown interest in you. Do you feel that's a missed opportunity?

A: I don't think about that, those are situations from the past, today my mind is on Granada. Such opportunities come when one does well in their club, today my responsibility is to score again with Granada and not much more than that, it would be wrong of me to talk about that.

Q: You haven't scored in a few games. Does that make you anxious, or do you know the goal will come?

A: That makes you uneasy to a certain extent, but that's good because you try to be more attentive or more alert, but not scoring doesn't keep me awake at night, I've never had scandalous scoring figures. I'm calm, eager for the goals to come soon and in plenty, but not uneasy.

Q: Have we seen the best of Boyé at Granada yet?

A: I don't know, that's relative, there are games where things go well, you feel comfortable, and other matches where the ball bounces two meters away from you. Hopefully, there will be more of the good games, where one feels confident, and fewer of the others.

Updated: 12:25, 2 Dec 2023