Bellingham also impresses Ferdinand off the pitch

Not only has Jude Bellingham's rapid development on the field been noticeable. The twenty-year-old midfielder also made an impression in front of the camera after Manchester City's elimination. 'Tell me how old you are!'

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 11:00, 18 Apr 2024

Jude Bellingham played a pivotal role with Real Madrid in the knockout of the defending champions on Wednesday, showcasing not just his skill on the pitch but also his maturity off it.

Speaking to TNT Sports, Bellingham expressed a sense of relief and accomplishment. "It was a relief," the English international said. "You put so much energy into the match. I've played against Manchester City before. Just when you think you're close to getting a result, they strike. We worked so hard, I could barely walk. This is a great reward."

Later, in an interview with Rio Ferdinand, Bellingham was probed about how he deals with the high expectations and pressure. "I think you have to see it more as a responsibility than pressure," he replied. "If you want to make a move to a club like Real, you have to be prepared to face criticism. That's the situation you are in; you're in the spotlight."

Bellingham elaborated on his approach and the club's support system, stating, "And you know? I think the club does great work. If they think you're not ready, they reassure you and such things. But if you're here, it probably also means you're ready. You have to keep trusting the process."

Rio Ferdinand, visibly impressed by Bellingham's maturity and eloquence, could hardly believe what he was hearing. "How does he answer these questions so eloquently at this age?" the former top defender exclaimed in astonishment. "How old are you, bro? Tell me how old you are!" he asked Bellingham, his amazement palpable. Turning to the presenter, he added, "If your daughter brings someone home, you hope it's someone like him."

Bellingham's composure and articulate responses continue to earn him accolades, not just for his football prowess but also for his demeanor and approach to handling the pressures that come with being a top athlete at such a young age. This incident further cements his reputation as one of the sport's rising stars, whose influence extends beyond his performance on the field.

Updated: 11:00, 18 Apr 2024