Belgium has a lot of quality, speed, explosiveness, and power

Statements from the Romanian coach, Edward Iordanescu, at the end of the Belgium-Romania match (2-0), in the second round of Group E of the 2024 European Championship, held in Cologne, Germany.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 08:05, 23 Jun 2024

Romanian coach Edward Iordanescu spoke candidly after his team's 2-0 defeat to Belgium in the second round of Group E at the 2024 European Championship in Cologne, Germany.

Reflecting on the match, Iordanescu acknowledged Belgium's strength and versatility, describing them as a complete team with the potential to win the title. Despite the loss, he praised his team's resilience and fighting spirit, particularly their improved performance in the second half.

Iordanescu highlighted the importance of analyzing their gameplay to identify areas for improvement. He emphasized the need for solidarity and unity within the team as they prepare for the challenges ahead. The coach expressed his confidence in the squad's ability to bounce back and perform better in their upcoming match. The Romanian team will be looking to build on their strong start to the tournament and adapt their strategies to overcome the difficulties they faced against Belgium.

As they move forward, the focus will be on learning from this match and leveraging those lessons to enhance their performance in the third game. Iordanescu's optimism and belief in his team underscore the positive mindset that he hopes will drive Romania's success in the remainder of the championship. With Euro 2024 being a highly competitive tournament, the ability to adapt and improve will be crucial for Romania as they aim to advance beyond the group stage and make a significant impact in the competition.

About the game: “Belgium has a lot of quality, speed, explosiveness, and power. They are a complete team and contenders for the title, but we never gave up; we fought hard. In the second half, we were better. With a bit of luck, we could have secured a point. We had opportunities to equalize.”

Analysis: “We had a great start to the tournament, and now we will see how we handle this challenge. We need solidarity and unity. We will analyze this game with the team and contrast it with the first match. We will try to improve for the third game. I have complete confidence in our team.”

Updated: 08:05, 23 Jun 2024