Bayer Leverkusen criticized in Germany: 'By far the weakest performance of the season'

The German media had few positive words to say about Bayer Leverkusen's performance on Wednesday evening in the Europa League final against Atalanta. After 51 matches without a defeat, the German champions finally know what it feels like to lose again.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 12:40, 23 May 2024

The German media naturally focused on the end of Bayer Leverkusen's unbeaten streak. However, Kicker noted another reason for the disappointment in Germany.

'The Europa League became a tragedy in a sense. After winning the national title, Leverkusen had a unique opportunity to achieve the treble. But the dream shattered in Dublin after by far the weakest performance of the season.'

Nevertheless, Kicker wants to emphasize that Bayer Leverkusen's performance was exceptional despite the defeat. 'It was an almost perfect season, one that can hardly be described even with superlatives. We must not underestimate this achievement. Remember that last season Bayer narrowly secured a place in European football after initial relegation concerns.'

Die Welt highlighted that Atalanta was also very efficient with their chances. 'The Lombards were extremely efficient, scoring three goals from five chances. But from the beginning, it seemed unlikely that Bayer Leverkusen would win the title. Even before conceding the goal, Bayer made an extraordinarily large number of simple mistakes. And after the opening goal, only cautious offensive attempts followed.'

Bayer fell apart," was the painful conclusion of Sport1. "No player reached their level. Reasons for the collapse include a plan that didn't work at all and chilling individual mistakes. They were defeated with their own game. Bayer lacked the necessary courage and aggressiveness in all positions. Almost every second ball went to the Italians. This abruptly ended the myth of invincibility."

Sport1 was also critical of Frimpong. "He fought many duels with Sead Kolasinac. Despite his enormous speed advantage, he only got past him twice. In total, he won only three of his fourteen duels. Additionally, he fired a volley from eleven meters well over the goal after an hour." Sky Deutschland was also critical of the Dutchman. "He was perhaps the most active Bayer player but barely got through. Furthermore, his duel success rate was far below par.

Updated: 12:40, 23 May 2024