Bakayoko is disappointed with the Red Devils: 'Disappointed about being a substitute'

Johan Bakayoko remains anonymous so far at the Euros in Germany. The PSV right winger arrived with high expectations for the Belgian national team, but he is mostly languishing on the bench, much to his frustration.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 02:46, 29 Jun 2024

"I know my own qualities," said Bakayoko on Saturday at the Red Devils' press conference, responding to a question about his limited playing time. "I am disappointed that I am not playing. I did not come here to sit on the bench."

With these comments, the forward increased the pressure on head coach Domenico Tedesco once again. "The coach makes those decisions. As long as we are getting results, I will not say anything about it. We have also advanced, so he is right."

Bakayoko hopes to be part of the team in the Round of 16 against France. In that match, he will face Kylian Mbappé, who aims to lead the World Cup runner-up to the European title. "I would like to pursue a career like his. But to be him? No. I am Johan Bakayoko. I am happy with that. But he is so complete. He scores well in every aspect, it’s beautiful to see."

Facing France is a significant challenge, as they are one of the tournament's favorites, led by one of the best players in the world. Mbappé’s influence on the game is undeniable, and for Bakayoko, it is both an opportunity and a test. "Playing against someone like Mbappé is a chance to measure myself against the best. It pushes me to elevate my game," Bakayoko added.

In recent weeks, whenever Bakayoko's name came up, there was often talk of a transfer. The PSV player himself does not want to rule out staying in Eindhoven. "At this moment, I primarily want to get minutes in the Euros. That is much more important than a transfer. It has never been said that I am leaving PSV. There will certainly be clubs interested, but I am not thinking about that now."

Bakayoko's focus remains firmly on the European Championship, where he hopes to contribute significantly to Belgium's campaign. His versatility and skill on the wing make him a valuable asset, and he is eager to prove his worth. "Every player wants to be on the field, especially in such a prestigious tournament. I am ready to give my best whenever the team needs me," he asserted.

The speculation about his future, while persistent, is something Bakayoko is keen to manage carefully. "Transfers are a part of football, but my current focus is on performing well here. PSV is a great club, and I am happy there. If I get the chance to play more, it will only benefit my development," he said.

As Belgium prepares for their crucial match against France, all eyes will be on the team selection and whether Bakayoko gets his chance to shine. His determination and readiness to seize the moment highlight his ambition and potential to make a significant impact on the big stage.

Updated: 02:46, 29 Jun 2024