Athletic awaits Ander Herrera

Athletic Bilbao is finalizing their squad for next season, with the future of Ander Herrera being a key decision. After a strong season free of injuries, Herrera faces a choice: renew his contract with Athletic at a reduced salary or return to Zaragoza, the club where he began his career and has long expressed a desire to play for again.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 03:53, 21 May 2024

Athletic finalizes the squad for next season. This last week of the league accelerates pending matters, one of which is the future of Ander Herrera, who two seasons ago began his second stint at the club after playing in between for Manchester United and PSG. The outcome will not be delayed as the cards are on the table.

The club awaits Herrera's decision. The midfielder has finished the season in good form and without any signs of the muscle injuries that plagued him the previous season. Valverde values his contribution to the team, and the sporting management is in agreement with the coach. Herrera is expected to renew, and working out the deal now depends on the player's plans, knowing that the agreement would involve a financial reduction compared to his current contract.

In this case, however, the financial aspect is secondary, and Herrera's decision lies elsewhere: to continue in Bilbao or to close the circle in Zaragoza, the club where he was trained and made his elite debut. The team he has confessed to being a lifelong fan of. The midfielder will turn 35 in August and knows that his professional career is nearing its end. It's time to make decisions.

Returning to Zaragoza is something he has considered almost since he left there to play for Athletic for the first time. After that came Manchester United and PSG before a second stint in Bilbao. The opportunity to return to La Romareda would not pose financial fair play problems for the club, as the conditions are not the same as when he moved from Paris to Bilbao. At that time, Athletic and PSG agreed on the terms of the transfer for a player who had two more years on his contract with his previous club. The change now would be easier: there will be no penalty for an active contract, and the regulations are more lenient with players over 35 years old, which Herrera will turn in August.

Herrera's potential return to Zaragoza is seen as a sentimental journey back to his roots, where he first made his mark in professional football. The decision weighs heavily on the midfielder, as it involves not just a professional choice but a personal one, reflecting his long-term connections and loyalties. Herrera has always been vocal about his love for Zaragoza, the club where his career began, and the possibility of returning there to close out his career holds a strong emotional appeal.

At Athletic, his role has been significant, providing experience and leadership on and off the field. His departure would leave a gap that the club would need to fill, potentially looking to younger talents or new signings to step up. However, Herrera's decision is respected by both the management and the fans, who understand the importance of his next move in the twilight of his career.

The football community is keenly watching as the final decision looms. Whether Herrera decides to remain in Bilbao and continue contributing to Athletic's ambitions or chooses to return to Zaragoza for a nostalgic and heartfelt end to his career, it will be a momentous decision. Each option carries its own set of opportunities and challenges, but it is clear that Herrera's choice will be guided by a mix of professional aspirations and personal connections.

Updated: 03:53, 21 May 2024