Approaching 38, Sergio Ramos dreams of Euro 2024

The veteran Spanish center-back has not been called up for his national team since 2021, but that hasn't stopped him from aiming to be selected for what would be his fourth European Championship, after having missed the last one.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 02:48, 12 Feb 2024

Sergio Ramos, the seasoned defender whose career has been adorned with accolades and pivotal moments, stands on the cusp of another significant milestone as he approaches his 38th birthday in March.

Having returned to Sevilla, the club where his professional journey began, last summer, Ramos has quickly reestablished himself as an indispensable figure on the pitch. His contributions were instrumental in Sevilla's recent 1-0 triumph over Atlético Madrid, a victory that not only underscored his enduring prowess but also reignited his aspirations for international duty with Spain at Euro 2024.

The revelation that Luis de la Fuente, the Spanish national team coach, was present at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium to witness the 24th round of LaLiga action personally, has added an intriguing subplot to Ramos's ambitions. This acknowledgment from Ramos, expressing his gratification towards de la Fuente's attendance and his unyielding desire to don the national colors once more, highlights a veteran's undimmed passion for the game and his country.

Ramos's statement, "I send him my regards. I'm pleased that the coach has come to see us. As a Spaniard, the manager has a tremendous variety of players and will face difficult choices, but all Spaniards work and play always with the ambition of going to the national team. It's up to the coach to decide," encapsulates the professional ethos and humility that have defined his illustrious career. Despite his achievements, including two European Championships and a World Cup victory, the absence from the national team since March 2021 and missing out on the last Euro due to the pandemic has left a void he eagerly seeks to fill.

Ramos's potential inclusion in the Euro 2024 squad would not only mark his fourth appearance at the tournament but also serve as a testament to his remarkable longevity and resilience. In a sport where youth often overshadows experience, Ramos's aspirations underline the invaluable role that determination, skill, and leadership play at the highest levels of football.

His performance for Sevilla this season, with five goals and an assist in 23 matches, stands as a testament to his ongoing impact. Despite Sevilla's struggle in the league, where they find themselves in 15th place, Ramos's contributions go beyond mere statistics. His leadership, defensive acumen, and threat on set pieces have been bright spots in a challenging campaign for the Andalusian club.

As Euro 2024 approaches, the prospect of Ramos returning to the international stage adds a layer of anticipation for fans and pundits alike. His career, characterized by its highs and lows, moments of brilliance, and occasional controversies, continues to captivate. Whether Ramos makes it to the European Championship or not, his legacy as one of football's most distinguished defenders is secure. Yet, in his relentless pursuit of excellence and representation for Spain, Ramos exemplifies the enduring spirit of a true competitor, undeterred by age and driven by the unyielding desire to compete at the highest level.

Updated: 02:48, 12 Feb 2024