Ancelotti Junior remains loyal to his father and turns down, among others, Leicester

Davide Ancelotti has decided to postpone the start of his career as a head coach, according to various sources in Spain. According to Relevo, the 34-year-old son of Carlo Ancelotti has turned down offers from both Leicester City and Stade Reims.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 11:48, 9 Jun 2024

Ancelotti Junior has made a name for himself under his father's guidance. He served as an assistant at Bayern Munich, Napoli, and Everton, and has been the right-hand man to Ancelotti Senior at Real Madrid since mid-2021.

His journey through these prestigious clubs has allowed him to build a solid reputation and gain valuable experience. It remains to be seen when the former AC Milan youth player will decide the time is right to stand on his own.

Young Ancelotti was approached by Leicester City following Real Madrid's Champions League victory over Borussia Dortmund last Saturday. The newly promoted Premier League club is in search of a new coach after Enzo Maresca's departure to Chelsea. However, despite the opportunity, an agreement was not reached. Ancelotti Junior wishes to remain loyal to his father and Real Madrid, prioritizing his current role over stepping into a head coach position. He believes that continuing to work alongside his father will allow him to gain more experience and further develop his skills.

Similarly, the decision-makers at Stade Reims, who finished ninth in Ligue 1, also approached him with an offer, but they received the same response. Ancelotti Junior's decision highlights his commitment to his current team and his desire to ensure he is fully prepared before taking on the responsibilities of a head coach. His choices reflect a strategic approach to his career development, valuing gradual progress and learning over immediate advancement.

Davide Ancelotti's approach demonstrates a thoughtful and patient attitude towards his career. By staying with Real Madrid, he continues to learn from one of the most experienced and successful coaches in the world, his father Carlo Ancelotti. This mentorship allows him to observe high-level decision-making and strategy implementation, which will undoubtedly benefit him when he eventually decides to embark on his own path as a head coach. His loyalty to his father and Real Madrid underscores a strong sense of dedication and respect for the team's current goals and projects.

Updated: 11:48, 9 Jun 2024