After eighteen years, Ramos makes a winning return to Sevilla: 'I can die in peace'

Sergio Ramos returned to the pitch as a Sevilla player on Sunday after eighteen years. The Spanish veteran immediately secured the first victory with the Champions League opponent of PSV. The defender was instantly one of the standout performers.

SoccerDino, Website Writer
Published: 04:43, 18 Sep 2023

'Ramos's return acted as a salvation', wrote Diario de Sevilla on Monday morning. The newspaper noted that the top club from Andalusia finally moved off the bottom spot. 'The fans immediately forgave him. He brought discipline, pushed to the limit, and saved the team just before the end with a magnificent play. His comeback became a tale of joy.'

Ramos's arrival was met with much criticism. Even though he is a product of the club, it seemed his goodwill had been spent over the years. However, after the victory against Las Palmas, the fans quickly embraced him again, the outlet believes. 'Those who didn't forgive him are now in the minority. Ramos has been taken to heart.'

Ramos himself was also thrilled with the win. He jubilantly made his way to the dressing room, cheering. 'I'm mainly happy with the result given the team's challenging start to the season. This club has made my life. We had one advantage: we could play at home. The fans' enthusiasm helped us bring intensity.'

'It was very thrilling to be reunited with my people,' Ramos expressed his love for Sevilla out loud. The criticism has quickly subsided. 'My home, my fans, this is unique. I can't describe in words what I'm feeling. The way I was welcomed today, I'll take to my grave. I can die in peace. Now we must move on because the people deserve more than just this victory.'

Updated: 04:43, 18 Sep 2023